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Keynote Speaking: A Holistic Journey of Leadership

Barbie’s journey has traversed diverse healthcare settings, from acute care to hospice, shaping her into an insightful leader with a comprehensive skill set. Her role as CEO/Founder/Instructor at Integrated Success Solutions LLC/ADEPT Program highlights her capacity for innovation and education that drives tangible change.

Champion of Holistic Initiatives

As the Director of Clinical Education for Hospital/Corporate Programs & Consulting at Natural Options Aromatherapy, Barbie has redefined holistic healthcare education. Her dynamic leadership at the Cleveland Clinic, including roles as Director/Manager of Healing Services and Healing Services Coordinator, set the stage for transformative patient-centered care and caregiver well-being initiatives.

Credentials and Expertise

Barbie's credentials are extensive and far-reaching, encompassing board certification as a Holistic Nurse (HN-BC), Clinical Aromatherapist (CCA), holistic coaching, Reiki, acupressure, and more. Her expertise extends to comprehensive research, quality improvement, and publications in leading healthcare magazines.

Captivating Speaking Engagements

Barbie's captivating presence has graced notable events such as the Cleveland Clinic Empathy and Innovation Summit, American Holistic Nurse Association Annual Conference, The Planetree Conference, Internationally at the BeConn Summit telecast across Europe. Her riveting talks bridge the gap between innovative healthcare practices and compassionate patient care.

Holistic Healthcare Visionary

Barbie’s holistic philosophy is encapsulated in her own words:

” Taking a holistic approach to caring for others is just making a quarter turn from what you do now. “

“Code Lavender is a holistic rapid response to emotional events to work with someone in the moment and get them back on track until they can take time to process what happened.”

“Aromatherapy is a gateway to immediately have an effect on another person in a tiny, subtle way which can bring dramatic results.”

Elevate Your Event

By inviting Barbie A. Picciano as a speaker, you’ll inspire your audience with transformative insights into holistic healthcare, leadership, and patient-centered approaches. Barbie’s engaging presentations are enriched by her extensive experience, dynamic leadership, and unwavering dedication to enhancing the healthcare landscape.

Speaking offerings: